1. Furnish a qualified operator.
2. Inform immediately of equipment failure or malfunction.
3. Return the machine in clean condition or pay an additonal charge for equipment cleaning.
4. Customer accepts liability for maintenance expense due to abnormal wear and/or damage to machine and tires.
5. If there is any problem with a piece of equipment, contact us immediately, this is for your benefit so we can solve the problem or stop the rental time.
6. All equipment is started and instructions given at time of rental.
7. Equipment is to be returned during store hours only.
8. All chain saws use a gas-oil mixture, 1 gal. of the mixture is provided with the rental along with oil for the chain.
9. Deposit required on all rentals.
10. Customer is responsible for damages.
11. All items due in on time. Late charges will be charged on all items returned after DUE IN TIME.
12.Two forms of ID required for rental contract.
13. We rent time out, not time used.
14. No cash refunds - credit only.
15. All reservations are final.

Any 5 day week = 4 x 24 hr. rate
Any 7 day week = 6 x 24 hr. rate
Any 20 day month = 3 x 5 day week rate
Calendar month = 3 x 7 day week rate


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Updated March 3, 2021